Alanna Fisk

Alanna Fisk 

My name is Alanna Fisk, and my journey in fitness began as a child. I grew up in the world of competitive USAG gymnastics at Brown’s Gymnastics in Sanford/Lake Mary. I remained a gymnast for 10 years, later becoming a pre-team coach at the same facility while I trained. After an injury, I lost momentum and my dreams for the Olympics slipped away. I became afraid of the unknown, after witnessing such a small mistake shattering the dream I held most dear. I fell into a rough time in life, and nothing felt quite the same.

Crossfit gave me another shot at my dreams in a different way. I thought all of my aspirations were dead and down the drain, and CrossFit helped me realize that even though bad things happen, as long as we work hard and keep going, there is always still time to make better decisions the next time around. I was encouraged to compete by fellow CrossFit peers, and finally got up the courage to compete again thanks to the community. I was hooked, and my drive to be the best I could be had been reignited.

Through my journey in gymnastics, I learned the risk associated with competing. I learned how one mistake could ruin everything in terms of my initial plan. In contrast, CrossFit showed me that even though there is always a risk of losing everything (and it happens sometimes), it’s that moment immediately after losing everything that you find a new level of strength. Loss is an opportunity to become stronger, if you can see it that way. Three years later, I haven’t ever been more driven than I am today to make a difference with my story, which I plan to tell.

I received my Level 1 CrossFit Coach Certification while working two jobs as a cake decorator and cashier at a fast food place, and then continued to coach amidst it. I am still a coach now, and am back in school full time, studying psychology for a masters at UCF and will continue on to medical school to be an anesthesiologist after that.

Ive been to regionals twice, each finish a little better than the last. So bring on the loss, 2017! I’m ready!